All sessions all day are $30. Court time will be booked in 60 minute blocks, with play ending at the 15 minute countdown. This allows time for a thorough court cleaning between play sessions.

Furthermore, we now have Video Analysis available! Record your play session and then you and a coach will analyze the footage and come up with a training plan to optimize your game!

Finally you now can reserve our gym space on the mezzanine level! You can book the space for a 45 minute session with a max of two people at $10 per person. At this time, our locker room facilities are closed. We have also partnered with The Fit Files to offer personal training sessions. Email The Fit Files at to book your session and you can learn more about their programs here.

Book a Court


We offer individual and group lessons to all standards and ages of player

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Clinics & Squash Courses

Learn and have fun in a Group

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Round Robins

Socialize and Play by joining our Round Robins

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League, Ladder & Player Network

Elevate your game by climbing the Ladder, joining our League, or playing our Player Network

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Camps & Advanced Training


Challenge yourself by signing up to our Tournaments

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Plan an unforgettable event with us

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As part of our updated safety protocols, players can choose to have the coach outside the court either behind the glass or upstairs on the mezzanine during private lessons. If you would like the coach on court during your lesson, you can request they wear a mask and/or focus only on drills that ensure social distancing is maintained at all times. Semi-Private/Group Lessons will be available if all players are from the same household


During this time, we have will not be running clinics and courses. However, for $30 per session (in addition to the court fee) Coach Ronny will create a custom training program designed for solo playing. Please contact to learn more.

Clinic Descriptions


Our Beginners clinic is for players who are ready to make real progress on their game. Our coach will work with you on your work basic form and shot selection and help you become comfortable with playing games. This clinic is ideal for players who have less than 6 months playing experience. Minimum age: 14


Become a competitor! Focusing on specialized drills and movement routines for the developing intermediate player, this clinic is great for players who can hit five volleys and ten drives to themselves in a row (both sides). Minimum age: 14


Never tried squash? Our coach will cover the basics, including how to hold the racquet, swing mechanics and the rules of the game. With a primary focus on developing hand-eye coordination, movement and timing, this clinic is a workout for your body and brain. Minimum age: 14


For kids in grades K-2nd grade. Your child will learn the ABC's of squash, including holding the racquet, swing technique, and the basic shots. Our coach will focus on getting your child moving around the court and developing their hand-eye coordination and timing. Introduce your child to the game and new friends.


For kids in 3rd-6th grades. Get your child on court and excited about squash! In Junior Stars, we not only reinforce the basic of the game, our coach works with your child on new shots, ball control, court movement, and overall fitness. Great for older juniors who understand the basics of the game and are ready to play points!


For 7th to 9th graders. This clinic is great for older kids who aren't ready to catapult into lessons or Junior Academy and love learning in group. Our coach will go over the basics, including grip, technique, coordination, and rules of the sport, while incorporating fitness and games to make your kid sweat and have fun!


During this time, we will not be running clinics and courses. However, for $30 per session (in addition to the court fee) Coach Ronny will create a custom training program designed for solo playing. Please contact to learn more.


We've got the need for Speedminton! 50% squash, 50% badminton, 100% fun. This outdoor game is perfect for some socially distanced group fun in the sun at Rose Park (26th & O Street NW). See below for our schedule:

Saturday July 11

Saturday July 18


Squash On Fire Player Network

Are you an early bird who likes to play in the morning? Perhaps you prefer a lunch time game to break up the day? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new squash partner to fit your new schedule. Join our Squash On Fire Player Network! We are available to help you find playing partners and so if you’d like to participate please complete a short questionnaire by clicking here. Contact with any questions!

Squash On Fire Ladder

More information coming July 2020 so keep an eye out!

Squash On Fire League

Returning Fall 2020.

Camps & Advanced Training

We regularly hold workshops and summer camps for juniors and adults, for all levels. If you are interested in learning about our upcoming camps please contact us and we will let you know when we launch new programming.


Squash On Fire Invitationals

Our Squash On Fire Invitational Series is a great way to meet new players and gain competition experience! Players will be split into divisions based upon level, and all entrants guaranteed a minimum of three matches! See if you've got what it takes to be crowned the champ and compete for a chance to win some great prizes along with top bragging rights. We will be hosting several of these throughout the year on Saturday afternoons. To receive updates about our next tournament, email

New Operating Protocols

Your health and well-being are our top priorities. We have used CDC and DC government guidelines, in addition to those from US Squash and other clubs around the country, to create a comprehensive plan focused on providing a safe environment for you to resume playing. Please take the time to read our new protocols so you are ready for your first serve!

Entry to Squash On Fire

Please wear a mask- Everyone coming into Squash On Fire will be required to wear a facial covering at all times in the space aside from when playing or working out.

Health check - We will be taking the temperature upon arrival of all players and staff with a non-contact infrared thermometer at our host stand desk on the 3rd floor. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 F or higher will be asked to leave.

Check in - Please check in verbally at the front desk as is very important for us to know who is in the space. Please don't bypass this step!

Arrival - Please plan on arriving no more than 5 minutes before your session starts.


Bookings – In order to access the space everyone must have a squash or workout reservation. Sessions can now be booked from Monday, June 22 by clicking here.

Gym - To allow you to work out safely we have added our gym to our booking system. Only two people will be able to use the gym area at a time.


Locker Rooms – Initially there will be no access to our locker room facilities on the mezzanine level, so please arrive dressed to play.

Racquets – We will have loaner racquets available. They will be thoroughly disinfected after each use.

Court Shoes – Players will not have access to loaner shoes. However, we have an excellent range of Asics and Salming footwear available for purchase. Please remember that all playing shoes need to be non-marking.

Drinks – The water fountains will be disabled but you will be able to purchase bottled water and Gatorade from the front desk.

Safety and Cleaning Protocols

Testing – Each Squash On Fire staff member has been tested for COVID-19 and returned a negative result.

PPE – All employees will be wearing company provided masks and gloves at all times.

Signage – We have set up clear signage around Squash On Fire to help guide you.

Cleaning – We have created a series of stringent cleaning and disinfection processes for all areas of Squash On Fire throughout the course of each day.
Sanitizer - Sanitizing stands and bottles have been strategically placed around Squash On Fire. Players will have easy access to these on arrival in addition to before and after playing.

Courts – We have set aside 15 minutes between court bookings for court cleaning and disinfection. To accommodate this our bookings will now last for 60 minutes, 45 of which will be for play. Please leave your court when 15 minutes remain on the countdown screen. We will be using a HX Pro machine to disinfect all court surfaces and will be placing an added focus on cleaning key touch points between each booking.

Furniture – We have rearranged our furniture outside the courts to allow for the comfort of our players, as well as to optimize cleaning.

Positive Test – Communication protocols are in place should anyone in our community test positive for COVID-19. To help us with this we ask that that all players inform Squash On Fire as soon as possible by contacting manager@squashonfire.comif they have been to the club and tested positive.

Air Filtration - Our HVAC system operates around the clock to continuously refresh and clean the air within Squash On Fire. It is also preemptively sanitized with tuberculocidal disinfectant specifically to alleviate the risks of airborne pathogens. Finally, within the system hospital grade MERV 13 air filters are employed to capture air particles as small as .03 microns

We will continually be reevaluating our procedures given the constantly evolving situation and new government guidelines. I look forward to communicating with you regularly as we go through this re-entry journey together.

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